Rattan Cane Webbing

Rattan Cane Webbing
Rattan Cane Webbing


  • Tessuto di Vienna
  • Paglia di Vienna
  • Extra Semi sbiancata
  • Prima Semi sbiancata
  • Extra Naturale
  • Prima Naturale
  • Cm 35 (14" x 50') (5,5m2)
  • Cm 40 (16" x 50') (6,28m2)
  • Cm 45 (18" x 50') (7,07m2)
  • Cm 50 (20" x 50') (7,86m2)
  • Cm 60 (24" x 50') (9,43m2)
  • Cm 70 (50" x 50') (11m2)
  • Cm 80 (32" x 50') (12,57m2)
  • Cm 90 (36" x 50') (14,14m2)
  • Cm 100 (40" x 50') (15,78m2)
  •  15,48 mt
  • Estremo Oriente

Rattan cane webbing usually refers to rattan webbing made from Chair-cane (rattan peel \ bark).  Rattan webbing made from rattan core is called Reed Webbing.  First quality cane webbing is usually semi-bleached for light uniform color. Fully bleached paper- white color cane webbing are usually made from rattan that has many color variation, and these usually cost less. Unbleached natural cane webbing are stronger more durable, but darker in color. Almost all cane webbing's are made in rolls of standard length of 50 feet (15.24 meter) long. The regular width of a roll ranges from 12"inches-(30.5cm), ... to 24"-(61cm). Extra wide rolls, such as 30"(76cm), 36"(91cm) are also available on some common patterns, in different price ranges. Cane webbing is made from rattan strong & flexible, strong enough to support weight of a sitting person and flexible enough to wrap around a women's little finger.  

They are uniform and simple to use, good for production of high value furniture in any quantity. Production of cane webbing involved a lot of labor, attention, skill and craftsmanship. Every production steps requires careful hand selection