Manao natural


Manao is a versatile and valuable material used in the creation of a wide range of rattan products, from furniture to home decor accessories. This natural material is derived from the inner bark of the rattan plant and is known for its high strength and flexibility, which make it ideal for producing high-quality furniture and accessories.

One of the most popular Manao products is the barkless cane. This cane can be cleaned and processed or presented with its original bark, depending on aesthetic preferences. The barkless Manao cane is particularly suitable for ethnic-style furniture, where its natural color tone complements fabrics and typical home decor accessories of this style.

But that's not all: Manao is also used as a martial arts stick, thanks to its strength and lightness. Moreover, rattan is a sustainable and eco-friendly material, making it a responsible choice for those who want to decorate their home with natural and high-quality products.

At you'll find a wide range of rattan products, including barkless Manao cane, perfect for ethnic-style furniture or as a martial arts stick. Discover the beauty and versatility of rattan, a sustainable and high-quality material, and decorate your home with style and environmental responsibility.

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