Flat Oval / Rattan Core

Flat Oval / Rattan Core
Flat Oval / Rattan Core




·         Flat Oval / Rattan Core


·         Prima



·         4 / 5 mm

·         5 / 6 mm


·         Bales 12.5 kg

·         Manelli da 0.500 Gr


·          Cina


Binding-cane is rattan peel in size 4mm up to 8mm. 

Rattan peel made for hand weaving are usually slightly thicker, edges shaved, whereas those made for machine weaving and economical production are thinner.

It is obtained from the processing of rush in the Far East. Ideal for all types of ligatures, including various types of weaving of all kinds.  We can produce the rattan peel unshaved of 0,500 gr coil or 12,5kg bale.  Ideal for repairing chairs or weaving jobs